Paid Internship Opportunity in Interior Design - Praha, Czech Republic

  • Interior design
  • Praha, Czech Republic
  • August 18, 2023 01:28
  • 300€ - 400€
  • Internship

Job Description

  • Date Posted:
    Aug 18, 2023
  • Expiration date:
    Oct 18, 2023
  • Location:
    Praha, Czech Republic
  • Hours:
    20h / week
  • Salary:
    300€ - 400€

Job Description

Internship Opportunity – Interior Design, Praha, Czech Republic

We are a renowned global company with an established presence in the field of Interior Design. Renowned for our innovative designs and commitment to excellence, our portfolio is replete with award-winning projects spread across various continents. We are looking to add to our dynamic team an Intern with a vision for design and an ardor for innovation based in our Praha office.

Job Description

The selected candidate will assist our skilled team in various interior design projects. Tasks include drafting preliminary layouts, crafting 3D models using design software, participating in client meetings to understand their requirements, undertaking site visits, and liaising with suppliers and contractors. The Intern will also aid in developing design concepts, harmonizing color palettes, selecting materials and furnishings, preparing cost estimates, and ensuring timely delivery of projects.


Candidates must be pursuing a degree in Interior Design or a related field. Proficiency in 2D/3D software like CAD, SketchUp, 3D Max, and light calculation software is crucial. Exceptional creativity, strong understanding of color concepts, and excellent communication skills are required. Familiarity with Czech building regulations would be a plus. Above all, applicants must have a keen eye for detail and work well in a team.

About Us

Our company's philosophy is based on a blend of aesthetic understanding and functional advantage. We have a strong belief in integrating environmental consciousness in our designs. Known for our impeccable service and reliability in the industry, our professional team continuously aims for innovation, proficiency, and most importantly, client satisfaction.

About Praha

Praha, also known as Prague, is the vibrant capital city of the Czech Republic. The city is an architecture lover's paradise, with a rich history that echoes in its magnificent castles, beautifully designed churches, and quaint lanes. The city is also famed for its vibrant nightlife and diverse culinary scene. Living and working in Praha offers a blend of the modern and the historical, making it a truly unique experience.